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About 420XCoin

We are a coin that was born on the holy day of 4/20/2021 at 4:20PM, nothing really beats that reason alone... Roll a blunt and come join us as we take you on a journey to the moon.

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  • Crypto Pablo (112K subscribers)
  • Blaneoh (2M Followers)
  • Avseenko-life (40.2K subscribers)
  • COIN FARMER (32.7K subscribers)
  • Alexandrus (79.8K subscribers)

Pricing & values

Launch Date :

April 20, 2021 (4:20 PM)

Pre-Sale :

DxSale (Defi Dashboard)

Current & Max MC :

$5,189,311 ($15,467,165)

Low - High 24h :

$ 0.00000000181 - $ 0.0000000276

Total Supply :

1,000,000,000,000,000 420xCoins

Holders :

31,123 addresses

420x Presale (Finalized)

2021 4 20 4:20 PM UTC
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  • Presale Burn (250,000,000,000,000)
  • Team Allocation (75,000,000,000,000)
  • Burn Road Map (170,000,000,000,000)
  • Presale (505,000,000,000,000)
420x has a transaction tax of 8% which is split 2 ways.
4% fee redistributed to all existing holders.
4% fee is added back into liquidity.

Meet Munchy - 420x Mascot


420xCoin Roadmap

420xCoin Timeline

✔️ Fair launch on DxSale (Completed)
✔️ Create website (Completed)
✔️ Mobile friendly site (Completed)
✔️ Tech Rate Audit (Completed)
✔️ White paper (Completed)
✔️ Token burn milestones (Completed)
✔️ Price bot (Completed)
✔️ Partner Up (Ard Adz) (Completed)
✔️ CoinTiger listing (Exchange) (Completed)
✔️ Coin Market Cap listing (Completed)

⏳ Partner with a charity dealing with medical marijuana (In progress)
⏳ Partner with a charity helping wrongful marijuana incarcerations (In progress)
⏳ Set up merch store and launch merchandise (In progress)
⏳ Tie up with 420 friendly Social Media Influencers (In progress)
⏳ Prove our use case by being used as a currency in dispensaries (In progress)
⏳ Get at least 1 Marijuana friendly celeb on board (In progress)
⏳ Launch 420XSwap, our own Decentralised Exchange (In progress)
⏳ Get a marijuana strain named after us (In progress)
⏳ Social media campaign (In progress)
⏳ Coingecko application (In progress)
⏳ Website updates (In progress)
⏳ Logo change (In progress)
⏳ BSC Scan social applications (In progress)
More to Come!

420x TikTok Giveaway - Make a TikTok and win $1420!
All you have to do is make a TikTok about 420x
We will be splitting $1420 amongst 5 different winners!
- Make sure to hashtag #420x and tag @420xcoin.
​- The video has to be about 420x coin.
1. Get a lot of views (The TikTok algorithm does not consider how many followers you have. The more views, the more viral it gets).
2. TikTok likes high quality videos, the higher the quality, the more views.

For every TikTok over 100k views, we’ll be giving $42!

Frequently Asked Questions

420x coin is a community coin. Our goal is to change the perception of cannabis on a local and global scale.
The devs are passionate about 420x. We have some devs that are in locations where cannabis is illegal and though we are not directly associated with cannabis, they want to be sure this coin is successful before doxing.
We are passionate about cannabis rights and are partnering with non-profit originations and charities that share our views. We are creating a brand of clothing and accessories as well as potentially creating a DEX and contributing to high impact charity work.
We are currently in discussions with
Last Prisoner Standing - The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization working tirelessly to free Americans who’ve been incarcerated for victimless, cannabis-related crimes.
Cannabis Access Alliance - Financial assistance for those in need of a Medical Marijuana card or who are unable to afford their medicine is available.
We’re on CoinMarketCap and CoinTiger. CoinGecko should be happening any day now. Blockfolio should be happening soon.
Set it to 8%. If 8 doesn’t work, do 9%
Note: this tip will ensure the minimum amount of slippage is actually used. There is still an 8% tax and that still is deducted from the transaction.
The tax is built into the contract and is broken into two equal parts. The first part goes into the liquidity and the other half gets distributed to all wallet holders.
The 4% redistribution tax is distributed based on how much is in each wallet. Liquidity is the amount of money backing the currency. The higher the liquidity, the overall safer the project.
There is an inherent risk in any small cap coin. This coin is as strong as the community.
• 20k holders in the first 18 days
• 95% presale went straight into locked liquidity ($1.3million)
• Diamond hand early investors
• Still early to get in